GO international !

In these days our interns started to spread in Košice and coming more and more to our lovely Slovakia in heart of the Europe. We would like to share their feelings from their internships  for you to understand how great going to internship can be. If you are hesitating to go to internship with AIESEC I hope so that after this coming words you would be 100 % sure to sign in http://www.aiesec.sk/?page_id=1068  pack your suitcase and go.


  Marina Stavroula- Telegrafia

         “Coming prepared from AIESEC in Athens, my internship in Kosice turned to THE UNFORGETTABLE experience: Welcomed and embraced by the warmest people, working and learning in diversity, developing new and improving my professional competencies, and last but not least, enjoying lots (or shots) of fun the unique Eastern-Slovakian way. Nothing more to ask for these 6 months!”

Daniela-Alexandra Trică

        “My experience in Slovakia it wasn’t good ! It was great! I was very nervous and excited about it, but in the end I realized that I had nothing to be worry about. The people I met there we’re absolutely amazing and I’ll never forget them! With AIESEC Global Community Development I was able to help people and to know me better! Thank you AIESEC!”

Marcus Hülsdau

“When I decided to do an Internship abroad some friend told me about AIESEC. Because it sounded pretty good on the website, I decided to apply at my LC in Münster. Already the experiences I did there were really good because they helped me with every demand connected with the search or with the applications for the internships.  Myobjective was to do an internship in central Europe, so I applied for several Internships in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. I decided for Kosice mainly because of two reasons. From the description the offered Internship sounded very interesting, but also or maybe even mainly because i had already within the first contact to the LC Kosice the impression that they do here a good job and really care about their interns. Now I am in the third week here in Kosice and I can definitely say that my first impression was right. My buddy (the person from AIESEC who is responsible for me) organized everything for me: transport from the train station, flat, first contacts to several several new nice people and she even walked for me through the bureaucratic hell of the foreign police. I am really grateful for everything what AIESEC and especially my buddy did to make my stay as nice as it actually is and I can and I do recommend everybody to come to Kosice and to work together with AIESEC LC Kosice. ”

Krljar Nebojsa

” Slovakia is typical Slavic country, with good food, fantastic people, especially girls. I feel here like I am at home. Conditions in orphanage is too different than in Serbia. Here, we have smaller groups, everyone can be active member on every class That is not situation in Serbia, there, i work with 30-40 children. I´m so happy I could stay in Slovakia, thank you guys. ”

Make your life more exciting, take the challenge, find new friends, get interesting job, visit new places that you might dream to see all this is connected to internship with AIESEC.




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