Introduction of AIESEC Košice


let me introduce you AIESEC Košice, local comittee of the bigest student organisation in the world. We are proud to be the one of 6 LC´s in country in hearth of the Europe- Slovakia. Hope you gonna follow us and enjoy the reading. Check our facebook webpage

Let me introduce our EB team:

Local committee president  2012/2013 Bc. Veronika Tkáčová


Vice president of Finance 2012/2013 Bc. Alexandra Pavlovčáková


Vice president for Outgoing programme 2012/2013 Tatiana Murániová


Vice president for Talent management 2012/2013 Petra Judičáková


Vice president for PR and marketing 2012/2013 Bc. Natália Sičáková


And finally our Local committee


Hope you will enjoy our page and work. Have a nice rest of the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Introduction of AIESEC Košice

  1. Ahojte Kosicania!

    Je super vidiet ze sa vam dari 🙂 sledujem vase aktivity z dalekeho Danska a som rada,ze je AIESEC aj v mojom rodnom meste a ze stale sa tam nieco deje. Super!

    NTT-C Denmark

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